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Rokit Smart Classroom Set

Rokit Smart Classroom Set

$862.49 $1,149.99

Rokit Smart, the original programmable robotics kit. Rokit Smart is perfect for kids who want to get their hands-on with mechanics and start learning code. This is a set of 10 kits, packaged individually.

Build 11 different robots from a single kit. Rubber band shooters, line-trackers, sumo wrestlers, anything you can imagine! You get a real circuit board and real tools to work with. Build your mechanical skills while learning about circuitry and engineering.

It also comes with simple step-by-step tutorials to build and program any of the 11 robots. Best of all, Rokit Smart is built with Arduino, one of the most widely used open-source environments for programming.

You get:

  • 10 Smart Inventor Arduino-compatible circuit board
  • 20 DC motors
  • 40 Peg boards
  • Metal frames
  • 10 Remote controls
  • 10 micro USB cables
  • Nuts, bolts, standoffs
  • Access to our online tutorials
  • and more!

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