Professional Development: Classroom Integration – Robolink
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      Get the most out of your STEM program!

      Professional Development

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      Our tech education specialists are here to help you get your STEM program up and running. We'll guide you through your hardware setup, project ideas, classroom management, advanced topics, troubleshooting, and how to align your lessons with your curriculum.

      We're here to answer any question you have. Your session will be personalized to fit the needs of you and your school or program.

      You'll receive a link to sign up for your session in your confirmation email. Be sure to schedule with at least 3 business days of notice, so that we can properly prepare. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

      Class Requirements:

        • Make sure to schedule with at least 3 business days of notice so that we can properly prepare
        • Win, Mac, Chromebook
        • Webcam and mic
        • Stable internet connection
        • A quiet place to work

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