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      Purchase Orders

      Making a purchase order is easy! Follow the steps below to get a quote from us.

      Vendor application

      If you need to submit a vendor application, e-mail them to admin@robolink.com.

      Step 1.

      Use the "Get a Quote" button in your cart

      After you add your items to the cart, click the "Cart" in the top right. Then choose "Get a Quote" at the bottom of the page. It may take a moment for the "Get a Quote" button to appear.

      Step 2.

      Enter your e-mail

      You will receive an e-mail with a PDF of the quote, which can also serve as an invoice. You will also receive an attachment with our W-9 form, if you need it. If you need a separate document as an invoice, you can simply respond to the e-mail with a purchase order, we'll be happy accommodate.

      Step 3.

      Pay by card or with a purchase order

      You can pay by credit card by clicking "Checkout" in the e-mail we send you.


      You can just respond to the e-mail with a purchase order, and we will send you an invoice. We operate under net 30 terms from the date of the invoice.

      Important Info

      • We operate with a net 30 payment arrangement for approved school purchase orders. That is, payment is expected in full no more than 30 days after your order is processed.
      • Please allow 1 to 2 business days for us to set up your account and process your order once we receive payment.
      • It will take up to 7 business days to deliver via USPS Priority Mail. As such, we highly recommend ordering by email, as it is the fastest way to process your order. If you need to get it sooner, please email admin@robolink.com for other shipping options, including USPS Priority Express.
      • Educators receive 10% off all individual items in the store, but not on classroom sets since a discount is already factored into classroom sets
      • If you need to get a hold of us, you can also reach us at (858) 876-5123.