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      Virtual & In-Person Camps

      When school is out but you're still at work, your child can explore our Virtual and In-Person Camps!

      These laid-back sessions are perfect for any student who wants to learn a new skill, test the waters of a new program, or just have fun, while having plenty of time to play, relax, hang-out with friends, with themed-project activities!

      Search All Camps


      Buy one Virtual Summer Camp and get a second Virtual Summer Camp 20% off. Use code SUMMERFUN21 at checkout!
      Take multiple camp subjects in one week or spread it out over multiple weeks!

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      Your Parent Portal

      After registering for a camp, you'll be given a link to sign up for your parent account. This is a secure account that stores your child's information which is never shared or stored outside of the account.

      Who teaches our students?

      The best instructors! We choose the best instructors to inspire your student!

      Robolink certified instructors are engineering and computer science students from major universities or tech education professionals.

      Each instructor has to pass a rigorous training program to ensure your student has the best experience! Once registered, we make sure to place your child with the instructor for their skill level and interests.

      Python coding with online instructors

      Alex E.

      Engineer at Amazon

      "I heard my son jump up and down with joy at times :) I can tell he is excited and willing to learn! Looking forward to next week!"

      Joe R.

      From San Diego, CA

      "I am most impressed with the patient the instructor has shown during classes. Zumi, I think, is a great learning program for young kids to prepare them for future technology. It combines many technologies into one core program.”

      Still have questions?

      Have any questions about our virtual learning offerings? Please let us know below or email

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