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Virtual: CoDrone Mini Group Classes

Virtual: CoDrone Mini Group Classes


   Age Requirements: 8+ 
  Computer Requirements: Windows, Mac, Chromebook with Chrome Browser
   Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate 

  Robot: CoDrone Mini


This group class (4 students max) has a dedicated, recurring instructor, where students will learn the basics of block coding with our tiniest drone CoDrone Mini! They’ll learn about loops, conditional statements, and variables, all in the context of Blockly, a block-based programming language. By the end students will be able to make the drone fly autonomously and complete various missions! 

Classes begin the 1st and 3rd week of each month.

For booking, please allow at least a weeks lead time to account for shipping.


  • Receive session notes from your instructor after each class
  • 4 students maximum (2 minimum to run a class)
  • Personalized teaching for your child’s pace and learning style
  • First month of lessons ($188 w/robot, $120 w/o robot)
  • After first month of lessons $120 monthly subscription fee


CoDrone Mini is for anyone who wants to learn how to code and learn block coding. The kit comes complete with remote and assembled drone, ready to fly!

It's tiny, light, sleek, and flies like a charm. Perfect for indoor use.

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