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CoDrone Pro Classroom Set

CoDrone Pro Classroom Set


Get a discount on a set of 10 CoDrones, suitable for a classroom of 10 students for a 1 to 1 drone:student ratio, or a classroom of 20 students for a 1:2 ratio.  We recommend no more than 2 students to a drone.

Drones are individually packaged.

What you get:

  • Free online tutorials
  • 10 CoDrones
  • 10 Controller build sets (Joystick, Various Frames, Wires, Battery Pack, etc)
  • 10 Smart Inventor circuit boards (Arduino-compatible circuit board)
  • 10 Lipo Batteries
  • 10 USB Cable & Battery Chargers
  • 10 Bluetooth Modules

Disclaimer: Prices listed are for United States market. Orders to countries outside of the United States are subject to local economy, shipping, and customs, which may affect pricing.

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