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      Learn how to bring code to life

      Through the magic of engineering and code, we inspire our students to turn their ideas into reality.

      Our Classes

      We've got a wide array of courses for various ages and experience levels. Whether you're new to coding or have built your own robot before, there's something for everyone!

      Drone Coding with Blocks

      Ages 8 - 14

      Code a drone in Blockly to learn the basics of coding logic. Go on a virtual journey to visit every island to complete coding challenges

      robot required

      Python Quest

      Ages 10 - 18

      Learn the foundations of Python, one of the most popular coding languages around. We start simple, but by the end it'll be like a second language!

      Artificial Intelligence with Zumi

      Ages 10 - 18

      Learn how a self-driving car navigates around the world with artificial intelligence and Python. Teach Zumi gestures, colors, and design a personality for her!

      robot required

      Drone Coding with Python

      Ages 8 - 14

      Level up and code a drone in the very-popular Python coding language. Continue on your virtual journey to CoDronia to visit every island to complete coding challenges, this time with Python!

      robot required

      Gaming with Python

      Ages 10 - 17

      A 3-day camp where you will code a game in Python inspired by the popular Flappy Bird mobile game.

      Escape the Maze Challenge in Virtual VEX IQ!

      Ages 8 - 17

      Code a maze in this 5-day camp as you learn the basics of engineering and robotics. It's great practice for the popular VEX competitions.

      Artificial Intelligence for Game Design

      Ages 11 - 18

      Learn about how artificial intelligence is able to do object recognition and image classification by collecting items around the house and building these neat things in AI called models. Just requires a webcam!

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      Our instructors are awesome

      Your kids will learn from college students majoring in STEM at top universities around the country. They're not just brilliant at their subjects—they're a ton of fun!

      STEM majors

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      Happy Parents

      Katherine, Parent in San Diego, CA

      "Robolink's classes have taught both of my children real engineering and coding skills and did so in a fun way. My husband and I both have postgrad engineering degrees and can speak knowledgeably on this point!"

      Beth, Parent in San Diego, CA

      "My son feels very blessed to have been able to work, specifically with you, and watch you grow your business. I believe you helped kindle the entrepreneurial spirit that he has inside him. Thank you! It helped not only develop his STEM skills, but it helped develop his ability to: persevere, lead, positively deal with failure, and work with others to reach a goal."

      Lisa, Parent in Newport Beach, CA

      "We enrolled our kids so they could get some hands on experience with coding and robotics and we are so happy with our decision. Our instructor is enthusiastic and engaging throughout the lesson which makes the hour fly by. It is truly wonderful to hear your children laughing while learning! We appreciate the staff at Robolink for helping us incorporate STEM education into our children's curriculum in a fun and exciting way!"

      Bryan, Parent in San Diego, CA

      "Our instructor continues to be stellar, his disposition & approach have helped my kids grow tremendously both in their programming, and in their overall problem solving skills... I could not recommend Robolink more highly!"

      How it Works

      Try it for free

      First try a class! We'll do a coding activity and get to know your child's experience level and interests.

      Choose a class

      Next, we'll help you find the right class based on interests and experience.

      Get ready

      We'll set you up on our parent portal, help you install any necessary software, and ship robots you purchased for the class if required.

      Start your first class!

      Finally, you'll meet your instructor, who will take you on your coding journey

      Curriculum that grows with your child

      Our coding lessons are divided into tiers, starting with beginner concepts and ending with specialized projects tailored specifically to students' needs and interests.


      Learn the foundational concepts of this subject


      Dive deeper into the subject and build more dynamic programs that respond to sensors or user input


      Apply concepts to real-world problems and cover more advanced topics that are industry-related


      Tailored content to your student's needs and interests. Delve into concepts that will set up your student for success in STEM.

      Our Pricing

      Start with a FREE trial. When you're ready for more, we'll help you find the right class for your schedule.

      Virtual Camps

      1 - 2 hours/day for 3 to 5 days

      starting at $120 per camp*

      A group workshop where you build a project from start to finish in just a few days

      Virtual Private Tutoring

      4 one-hour sessions, flexible scheduling

      starting at $229 for 4 sessions*

      A tailored experience for you or your own group to delve deep into coding and robotics

      Save up to 50% by creating a group or booking additional sessions

      * Pricing does not include robotics kit, which are required for some classes. Kits are 25% off when purchased with a class.

      Returning student or already know what you want?