International Robotics Competition 2021 – Robolink
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      International Robotics Competition 2021

      "Cruise to the Park" Challenge

      Put your coding and AI skills to the test!

      • Join from anywhere in the world
      • Junior league grades 4 - 6
      • Senior league grades 7 - 12
      • Code in either Python or block coding in Blockly

      Develop Coding + AI Skills

      Use Python or Blockly to solve the challenges, and use AI to teach Zumi to recognize colors and traffic signs

      Participate from anywhere

      No need to travel! You can participate right from home or your local classroom.

      Collaborate with friends

      Team up with your friends and make a team to come up with the best solutions to each of the challenges


      Sep 30, 2021

      Preliminary video submission deadline

      Oct 2021
      (To be determined)

      Preliminary results announced

      Oct 27 - 30, 2021

      Invitational finals, live video calls

      Nov 2021
      (To be determined)

      Final results announced


      The three winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes! Amounts are listed in USD as shown below, and the winners will be announced after the finals have been scored.

      Competition Resources

      Checkd out our competition lessons to learn the skills you'll need to complete the challenges, get yourself a competition field, or review the rules.

      The Rules

      Learn the rules of the challenge, and how points are scored

      Competition Lessons

      Learn the coding and AI skills you'll need to complete the challenges. Competition-specific lessons coming soon.