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      Holiday Camps

      Virtual camp, python, coding, drones

      Take a break from standard learning!

      When school is on break but you're still at work, your child can explore our group mini camps! These laid-back sessions are perfect for any student who wants to learn a new skill, test the waters of a new program, or just have fun, while having plenty of time to play, relax, hang-out with friends, with themed-week activities!
      Online coding

      Learn from home, right now - anywhere in the world!

      Our Virtual Holiday Break Camps have unique, stand-alone projects and activities so they won’t re-teach the same lessons as our Virtual 1-on-1 and Group Classes. This is a time to take a break and have fun!
      Online activities Convenient online hours Holiday-only classes
      Fun activities
      for each student
      Convenient hours
      only 1.5hrs each day
      Holiday-only classes
      Unique projects
      Our virtual instructors

      Tuition Includes

      The best instructors! We choose the best instructors to inspire your student! Robolink certified instructors are engineering and coding students from major universities or tech education professionals. Each instructor has to pass a rigorous training program to ensure your student has the best experience!

      Each Student Receives

      • Progress feedback post-session sent to their parents email
      • A themed week of fun activities
      • Laid-back sessions with convenient hours
      • Unique courses only found at Robolink
      • Transferable skills for fields like web development, game development, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
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