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CoDrone Mini Classroom Set

CoDrone Mini Classroom Set


Get a discount on a set of 12 CoDrone Minis. This is suitable for a classroom of 12 students for a 1 to 1 drone:student ratio, or a classroom of 24 students for a 1:2 ratio.  We recommend no more than 2 students to a drone.

Drones are individually packaged.

This is the CoDrone Mini. It's a smaller drone at a more affordable price. With its smaller propellers, the ability to flip, a rounded frame, and a lighter form factor. CoDrone mini is a great starter drone and is perfect for younger audiences who are interested in getting into programming with drones.

CoDrone Mini comes with a remote so it can be flown straight out of the box, or you can learn to program it with Blockly or Python. Use our free online tutorials to learn how to program your own flight patterns, customize the LED, and use the remote.

What you get:

  • 12 CoDrone Minis
  • 12 CoDrone Mini remotes
  • 12 LiPo batteries (battery life is approximately 5 minutes)
  • 12 battery chargers (average charging time is approximately 45 minutes)
  • 12 USB cables
  • 12 sets of extra propellers
  • Free online tutorials

Warning: CoDrone Mini is intended for indoor use only.

Disclaimer: Prices listed are for the United States market. Orders to countries outside of the United States are subject to the local economy, shipping, and customs, which may affect pricing.

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