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      San Diego | 5-Day | 3hr Lessons

      Subject: Coding, Robotics

      San Diego | 5-Day | 3hr Lessons

      Subject: Coding, Robotics

      Become a robotics engineer!

      Sold out

      Become a Python drone programmer in 5 days with the CoDrone Mini! Learn what it takes to program autonomous drone flights and by the end of the week, show off your skills in a flight challenge. Students will learn the basics of Python and autonomous drones by learning how to read sensors, make decisions, and fly in complex patterns.

      AGES: 11 - 17

      SKILL LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate

      SOFTWARE: Python

      HARDWARE: CoDrone Mini

      In this 5-day in-person summer camp, our students will

      Learn flight commands

      Program function calls, variables, and loops

      Perform flips and rolls
      in the air

      Keep their robot at the end of the week

      Camp Specifics

      Robolink's in-person camp is located at The League of Amazing Programmers headquarters.

      Carmel Valley Hacienda Building
      12625 High Bluff Drive #113
      San Diego, CA 92130

      Summer Schedule

      AM Schedule
      Drop-off: 8:30-9a
      Camp: 9a-12p (with 30 min indoor/outdoor activity)
      Pick-up: 12-12:15p (or 12-12:30p lunch if staying the full day)

      PM Schedule
      Drop-off: 12:15-12:30p
      Camp: 12:30-3:30p (with 30 min indoor/outdoor activity)
      Pick-up: 3:30-3:45p
      Extended day: 3:30-5:30p (M-F for an extra $99)

          • If your child attends an afternoon class (12:30-3:30), you can add-on our extended day package!

        • For just $99 (M-F) students will have this time to make new friends, reconnect, and build their social-skills. Gaming tournaments, board games, group games, arts & crafts, and more will be running every day so students always have something new to look forward to.

        • Extended day will be hosted by The League of Amazing Programmers.

      We keep a 6:1 student-to-instructor ratio to keep classes small. This gives your student more individual time with the instructor while maintaining CDC safety guidelines.

      Robolink & The League of Amazing Programmers is not responsible for any laptops, robotic kits, devices, or other items your student brings to our camp. If you allow your child to bring their laptop to camp, they must be responsible for it.

      Robolink's in-person camp is hosted in partnership with the League of Amazing Programmers at their location.

      What this means:

        • Classes will be run by Robolink instructors.
        • Check-in, check-out, lunch (for full day students), and extended day, is hosted by the League of Amazing Programmers.

      • Both camps will have break times for students to socialize.

      Your Parent Portal

      After registering for a camp, you'll be given a link to sign up for your parent account. This is a secure account that stores your child's information which is never shared or stored outside of the account.

      Who teaches our students?

      The best instructors! We choose the best instructors to inspire your student!

      Robolink certified instructors are engineering and computer science students from major universities or tech education professionals.

      Each instructor has to pass a rigorous training program to ensure your student has the best experience! Once registered, we make sure to place your child with the instructor for their skill level and interests.

      Online private tutors

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What's the registration process?

      Once you register for our in-person, you'll receive a link to set up your parent account. In this portal you'll be able to securely add your child's name, age, and skill level. Every registrant must have created an account with our parent portal and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct before the student is allowed to enter into any of our services.

      Do all students have to start at the same level?

      Instructors will assess the students skills and allow the student to start their first class at a higher level, or spend a few lessons with the student on an accelerated path. With camps, the curriculum is on a fixed path, but students are allowed to customize their projects to further hone their skills and present their projects to the group for further critique.

      Where is the camp located?

      Robolinks in-person camp is hosted in partnership with the League of Amazing Programmers at their location. Classes will be run by Robolink instructors.

      Carmel Valley Hacienda Building
      12625 High Bluff Drive #113
      San Diego, CA 92130

      What is the Code of Conduct?

      Robolink provides a fun, safe, and educational environment. To do this, we don't allow bullying, harassment, threatening behavior, rude gestures, visible written profanity, visible weapons, and drug and alcohol use. If a student is accused of any behavior that is against our rules of conduct, we will investigate thoroughly. If found that a student has broken the Code of Conduct, they will be expelled from our services without a refund. If you have any questions or issues, please contact

      Do I need to bring a laptop/install anything?

      While Robolink provides Apple computers for all classes (the Advanced Robot Engineering & Coding will use PC laptops), you are welcome to bring your own laptop. We do our best to use software that is web-based and doesn't require any installation but if you do need to install a specific software, we will provide that information before your first lesson.

      Do you have a full-day option?

      You are welcome to purchase an AM & PM session for the full-day experience.

      How can we help?

      Have any questions about our virtual learning offerings? Please let us know below or email

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